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International Youth for Christ

The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Intl.

"Education + Salvation = Success 4 Eternity"

2022 Winter Jubilee Program

Order of Service​

Friday, February 25th
  • Table Talk Discussion 6pm-with the IYFC Officers
  • 8pm-​Evening Service Pastor Tavarius Hook

Saturday, February 26th

  • 10am-Morning Glory Prayer with the President
  • 11am-Inspirational Word: Min. Roger Hairston & Min. Desean Bunn
  • 12pm-Benedictory Service: Evangelist Naomi Richburg

​Meet O​ur 

Guest Speakers

Pastor Tavarius Hook

8 p.m.

Orangeburg, South Carolina

Min. Roger Hairston, Jr.  

11 a.m.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Minister Roger Hairston, Jr.


Minister Roger Hairston Jr. was born and raised in Rocky Mount, Virginia, where he was a member of the Jerusalem Way of the Cross Church. He would sing for his grandfather the late Bishop C.W. Hairston almost everywhere the church traveled as a soloist. The older he became he would lead songs on the Jubilee Choir. He received the Holy Ghost at the young tender age of 8 years old with evidence of speaking in tongues. Roger also at a young age was given the opportunity to speak at the Jr. youth services for the Way of the Cross Church International. He is a Business graduate from Radford University class of 2015. After college he moved to Charlotte, NC and became a member of Shiloh Temple Way of the Cross Church, where his pastor is Bishop Darrell Hairston. On September 8, 2018, Roger gave his first initial sermon entitled “Its your season to be blessed”. The next year in 2019 he married his wife sister Latisha Hairston. Together they have one son named brother Cadence Hairston. Minister Roger continues to help serve his local church as the youth for Christ president. Nationally he is active with the young adult ministry of the Way of the Cross Church and continues to proclaim the gospel of Jesus. One of his missions in ministry is to lead souls to Christ by introducing them to Jesus. Therefore, seeing the Godly impact through the newly converted person’s life.

Min. DeSaun Bunn  

11 a.m.

Enfield, North Carolina

Minister DeSaun Bunn


Minister DeSean Bunn was born on March 31, 1992 to Ordean Bunn and Donald Bunn. At an early age the hand of God was on his life. He began to sing and preach before he could speak clearly.

He often says that his first pulpit was his grandmother's front porch because he preached on it every day as a little kid. He would even go out into the neighborhood laying hands on people. The people declared when that baby touched me I felt better.

Minister Bunn was baptized in Jesus name at age 9, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost at age 10 at Refuge One Way COOLJC under the leadership of the late Bishop Michael Dixon.

He did his initial sermon on May 23, 2009 also at Refuge One Way COOLJC at age 17. God opened many doors for him as soon as he started preaching and he has not stopped going since.

He is currently a member of The Glory Church of Jesus in Enfield NC under the leadership of District Elder James Taylor and Dr. Shirley DeBerry. He has been rendering services in his home every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month on Facebook live for almost 5 years.

He loves the Lord with all of his heart and his main goal is to reach as many souls as he can until Jesus returns.

Evangelist Naomi Richburg

12 p.m.

Florence, SC